I Am Sorry, Sort Of

I missed this yesterday as my day job has put me on the road to Rapid City but it seems that Bruce Whalen’s campaign manager Lee Breard has finally come out with a half hearted apology to Stepanie Herseth over his remarks calling her a “homewrecker”.

The campaign manager for Republican U.S. House candidate Bruce Whalen said Tuesday that he wanted to apologize to Democratic Rep. Stephanie Herseth for his role in spreading an unfounded rumor about her personal life. Lee Breard said he contacted Herseth’s South Dakota staff Monday to see if he could call her personally to apologize. But Herseth was busy with public engagements and couldn’t take the call, and staffers were hesitant to give Breard her cell-phone number, spokesman Russ Levsen said Tuesday.

What was conspicuously missing was an apology for the witch hunt Breard started by trying to substantiate the infamous Wiki editing incident instead saying that he was only trying to get confirmation for the obviously untrue data entry.

“If I were to look back on this, I would say that this is just fact-finding. In this business of fact-finding, there’s going to be rumors about both candidates,” he said. “This was the first time I had used that Web site. I had no idea it could be edited. But it’s definitely clear now that it was.”

Is it any wonder that the Whalen campaign is basically dead in the water before it has even started?

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