Liberal Ranks Growing?

That must be the only conclusion one could make if the definition of a Liberal is someone opposed to the occupation in Iraq as many neo-cons claim.

A new CNN poll shows that 61 percent of the country is opposed to the war in Iraq, which is an all-time high for this particular poll. A few more tidbits from the CNN poll:

Most Americans (54 percent) don’t consider him honest, most (54 percent) don’t think he shares their values and most (58 percent) say he does not inspire confidence.

Bush’s stand on the issues is also problematic, with more than half (57 percent) of Americans saying they disagree with him on the issues they care about.

Bush’s disapproval rating exceeds his approval, 57 percent to 42 percent.

That’s in the same ballpark as was found in an August 2-3 poll: Bush garnered a 40 percent approval.

And that was up slightly from a 37 percent approval in a poll carried out June 14-15.

Fewer than half of respondents (44 percent) say they believe Bush is honest and trustworthy; 54 percent do not.

And just 41 percent say they agree with Bush on issues, versus 57 percent who say they disagree.

Americans are about evenly split on whether their commander-in-chief understands complex issues, with 47 percent saying yes, and 51 percent saying no.

Well at least he can hang his hat on the “huge” 2 percent jump he saw in his approval rating…

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