In Denial

The current theme circulating among many conservative circles seems to try and focus on their belief that the left is anti-war and that if they win control of Congress in November, the US will face certain “destruction” at the hands of the terrorists.

One such discussion focuses around the misguided impression that whenever a vote is taken on possible troop withdrawal, the only complaints are coming from the so-called anti-war left.

America has decided everytime we saw a vote in Congress to withdrawl from Iraq and the vote was trounced. Narry a complaint outside the anti-war left was heard. America will not chose the bleak future of surrender at any cost. The Democrat party, on the other hand, has everything riding on this fall. How many anti-war debacles do the Dems think America will let them have before they are relegated to the history books with the Whigs? Two would be plenty in my opinion. They scraped by with Vietnam. There is no stomach for another Vietnam at the hands of the surrender-monkeys.

When dissecting this, one has to wonder if the author has seen any of the opinion polls on this subject regarding pulling troops from Iraq? The latest Pew Research Poll shows those wishing that a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq be set is now at 52 percent. Either the anti-war left has grown to include the majority of Americans or it is more than just a liberal platform.

Another issue that the Right likes to use against the Left has to do with the outrage over the recently exposed NSA warrantless eavesdropping program. They use this issue to turn up the fear mongering that has become the main GOP tactic saying that because the liberals are fighting against this program, they must be aiding the terrorists.

Yesterdays decision by the federal court in Detroit that found this program to be unconstitutional was used by the Right in their attempt to show how liberals are weak on terror. Of course nothing was said on how nobody is saying that the NSA doesn’t have the right to perform this surveillance or that they shouldn’t be spying on Americans overseas that are suspected of participating in terror plots, we just believe that the NSA should follow the law and get the required warrants from the FISA court first.

These examples show exactly what the GOP plans on using to hold on to their majority in Congress.

1. Liberals are anti-war because they want an exit strategy for a 3 year old occupation that was based on lies, resulted in 1000’s of civilian casualties, cost the lives of over 2500 US servicemen, severely overextended our military, and has actually generated more terrorists not to mention the fact that it has spiralled the country towards a civil war.

2. Liberals are soft on terror because they oppose an unconstitutional NSA spying program that could have easily been run following the law by using the FISA court to obtain the necessary warrants.

Sounds like a good platform to me, especially if you want the Democrats to win back Congress in November.

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