Broken Record August Edition

Even after the announcement of the foiled terror plot in London, our Commander in Chief can’t seem to catch a break in the polls. According to a Zogby International poll conducted August 11-15, George Bush’s overall approval numbers dropped 2 points to 34 percent.

One third of respondents – 34% – said that, overall, the nation is headed in the right direction, while 59% said they think things are off on the wrong track.

Pollster John Zogby: “President Bush’s numbers mainly reflect the country’s thinking on the war in Iraq, and most people have made up their minds that the war overall has not been worth the loss of American lives. Terrorism is an important issue to Americans, but when it comes to judging Bush’s presidency, their decision is based largely on Iraq.”

The same poll also has Democrats winning in a generic mid-term congressional race 39 to 31 percent.

Democrats continue to carry a lead into the fall campaign season on the generic congressional election question. Likely voters in the poll, asked whether they planned to vote for the Democrat or the Republican in their local congressional election, 39% favored Democrats, while 31% said they would be voting for the Republican candidate. Democrats also are winning the battle among independents, who favor the out–of–power party by a 32% to 20% margin, with 41% of independents yet undecided.

Not quite the bump in polls Bush normally sees after the announcement of a foiled plot. Are Americans becoming somewhat immune to these in a way that is similar to what happened in the “Chicken Little” fairy tale?

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