Dropping Like Flies

That would probably be a good way to describe Joe Lieberman’s supporters in the Democratic Party. The latest to throw Joe under the bus is long time supporter and former president Bill Clinton. Clinton, who was in Connecticut just 3 weeks ago in support of Lieberman’s failed primary attempt, is now going public with the suggestion the Lieberman could find the future tougher than he might have expected.

In an interview yesterday, Clinton gave Lieberman a vivid lesson in how life is different now that the senator has lost to Lamont and is running as an independent.

The former president slapped Lieberman over the latter’s suggestion that he lost because party liberals wanted to purge a politician who shared Clinton’s overall philosophy of being progressive on domestic issues while supporting a robust national security policy.
Lieberman may well win in the November mid-terms, but with the almost complete loss of support from the Democratic Party and the threatened loss of seniority within the party taking him out of high profile sub-committee positions, the victory could well turn out to be quite hollow.
On a positive note, at least he would be adding time towards his government pension when he finally retires.

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