Rounds Looking To Step In To The Elijah Page Execution

Governor Rounds is quoted by KELO-TV as saying he is looking into stepping in to stop the scheduled execution of convicted murderer Elijah Page at the end of the month.

“I am not required by law to step in. I will tell you that any time we’re looking at an execution, I believe that it’s the governor’s opportunity and responsibility to review the case itself…and I will do that, says Rounds.

And Rounds says he’s already started on that. “I’ve read this particular case. It was a vicious crime. There was cruelty. There was torture in this case. The judge in this particular case clearly has made a determination that it would be appropriate.”

And now it’s up to the Governor to agree or disagree as Page waits to die.

“My responsibility in this particular case is to review and to look and to see if there are any extenuating circumstances that I should take into account,” added Rounds.

I would think that someone so “concerned” with the sanctity of life wouldn’t have to think twice about stepping in.

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