The Delusional World Of Ajay Bruno

I know I am giving this guy more discussion than he deserves but I just wanted to finalize everything that has happened over the weekend regarding the self proclaimed “fiancee” of Stephanie Herseth. From pretty much the beginning of this non-story, most everyone other than Lee Breard (campaign manager for Bruce Whalen) was aware of Ajay Bruno’s (or whatever his real name is) ridiculous claims.

If anything though, Ajay is persistent. After he left a comment on an earlier post I wrote in regards to the story, I decided to send him an email asking him to provide more information about his claims using the address he left fully expecting it to be bogus. Low and behold a few hours later he responded.

I was the Chief of Staff on her campaign, upon my resignation, she quickly promoted Mr. Navin, part of her cover-up. Have you seen any information showing how long he’s been chief of staff? no, I didn’t think so.. hmmm, I wonder why. Did that ever cross your mind that he has not been the chief of staff very long? If I speak out now, I will hinder my chances of getting a comparable position elsewhere. Right now, this is just a somewhat big controversy in South Dakota, but not nation-wide, if I were to speak out now, being a Republican, I may be regarded as a turncoat for working for her due to our relationship, and the Democrats would not hire me because of my original, true political leanings. You can’t possibly fathom my position. She is trying to hide her pregnancy right now, and she can very well do that until the election as she is a little under a month right now. She puts her career before her personal life, and that is what I cannot tolerate.

I was curious about his claims about being the former Chief of Staff as I knew that Jeff Navin was Congresswoman Herseth’s Chief of Staff and not being very well versed in the history of her staff I decided to contacted them and find out. They confirmed that not only was Mr. Navin still her Chief of Staff, he has been the only person to hold that position from day one of her first campaign for Congress.

Now Mr Bruno in regards to you being able to find a similar position with another candidate which you claim to be your reason for not coming forward, just a suggestion, I would leave out serving as Chief of Staff for Ms. Herseth on your resume as lying on your job application is not a very good way to get a job though I suspect you already hold a position with somebody’s campaign already, but I digress.

So again what is your agenda and who is behind your campaign of lies and misinformation? Anytime you are willing to come clean feel free to let me know though I am not holding my breath.

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