Larry Long’s Summer To Forget

South Dakota Attorney General Larry Long has had a long (no pun intended) couple of months. First his recommendation to Secretary of State Chris Nelson to remove the video lottery referendum and the cell phone tax repeal from the ballot was overturned by the State Supreme Court. He next drew the ire of the Amendment E and medical marijuana folks regarding his ballot explanation and now the video lottery has again reared it ugly head.

Dan Brendtro from Forward South Dakota, the group that spearheaded the drive to gather the required petition signatures to put the video lottery repeal on the ballot, is now speaking out on Long’s ballot explanation.

“It is written in a way that suggests to the voters that our state government will collapse without video lottery funding,” Brendtro said.“Including such language without the proper perspective is on par with the scare tactics so fondly used by video lottery supporters in years past,” he wrote in a letter to the attorney general.

Here is Larry Long’s ballot explanation on Initiated Measure 7 which is the video lottery ballot initiative.

The State operates video lottery as authorized by State law. During the last year, the State received approximately one hundred twelve million dollars ($112,000,000.00) from video lottery.The proposed law would repeal video lottery and eliminate this source of revenue.

A vote “Yes” will adopt the proposed law.

A vote “No” will reject the proposed law.

I don’t see the connection Mr. Brendtro is trying to make by saying the wording makes it look like our government will collapse. Looks to be straight forward and to the point to me.

Does is take away over $100 million in state revenue? Yes
Do we have anything in place currently to make up that lost revenue? No

Sounds pretty much like my take on it from an earlier post.

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