Connecticut GOP Candidate Can't Catch A Break

How would you like being the Republican Candidate for the Senate in Connecticut? Not only is everyone focused on Ned Lamont and Joe Lieberman, even the President has so far yet to endorse the GOP nominee Alan Schlesinger.

At today’s White House press briefing, spokesman Tony Snow was unwilling to state that Bush backed Schlesinger. All Snow would say is that the president “supports the democratic process in the state of Connecticut and wishes them a successful election in November.” Further pressed by reporters for an answer, Snow said, “I think you know the situation in Connecticut.”

And RNC chairman Ken Mehlman has been told to stay clear of this race.

On Meet the Press yesterday, RNC chairman Ken Mehlman told David Gregory that he’s been told to stay clear of this race. “The way I do it is to work with our leadership in the states, and what my leadership in the state has said to me is, ‘You ought to stay out of this one. You ought to focus on the House races and focus on the governors’ races.'”

Talk about your proverbial “sacrificial lamb”…

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