The right-winger’s have been on the Reuters photoshop scandal like white on rice and have even taken to looking at just about every picture taken during the Hezbollah/Israeli conflict.
I wonder if these righties will expend as much energy investigating the goings on at which happens to be the website of the Republican National Committee. Interesting Times was able to download, before it was eventually changed with the un-doctored version, a picture depicting several famous (or infamous depending on your view) Democrats that depicted Howard Dean with a somewhat unflattering Hitler type mustache.
The picture was soon taken down so take this apparent photo evidence at your own discretion, but I have uploaded both the photos for your viewing pleasure.
The original version
And now the doctored version (Look under Dean’s nose).
Not quite helmet guy staging photos in Lebanon but quite interesting just the same. Somehow I doubt that the righties will investigate this issue as strongly after all it is just Howard Dean.

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