Let The Theories (BS) Begin

It hasn’t taken long after the announcement this morning of the terrorist arrests in the U.K. for the theories and speculation in the blogosphere to begin.

Over at Kos the readers seem to think this is just one big plot by the administration to keep us afraid and John over at AmericaBlog tries to connect the dots between this announcement and the Connecticut primary yesterday.

And isn’t it queer that the emergency is declared within a day of Republican party leader Ken Mehlman launching an all-out offensive against Democrats following Joe Lieberman’s loss in Connecticut, an offensive in which Mehlman, the White House and Republican operatives are claiming that Democrats no longer care about national security or the war on terror.

The right isn’t much better suggesting that the programs recently revealed like the NSA phone tapping program and the SWIFT banking program were quite possibly responsible for getting wind of this plot and that terrible liberal enemy the NY Times has destroyed these programs. While other’s theorize whether this would have been discovered if the Democrats were in charge.

I wonder how many people are sitting in front of the TV or their computers this morning, taking in this news and thinking "Geez, I’d feel a whole lot better if the Democrats were in charge"?

Come on guys, we are a few hours into this latest terror plot revelation, how about sticking to what we know (at this point not much) instead of all these wonderfully convenient (for them) theories. You know the old saying about opinions, everybody has them….

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