How The Mighty Have Fallen

No I am not talking about Joe Lieberman’s defeat in yesterday’s Connecticut primary but the almost as shocking news, at least for us Ohio State Buckeye fans, of the announcement this morning regarding Maurice Clarett’s latest in an ever increasing list of legal problems.

Clarett was arrested last night after a high speed chase with police who then discovered 4 loaded guns in his vehicle. During the arrest Clarett was hit by a stun gun that was ineffective because he was wearing a bullet proof vest and eventually had to be subdued by mace. The 22 year old is already awaiting trial on two counts of aggravated robbery and one count of carrying a concealed weapon.

For many Ohio sports fans like me, Clarett’s performance in the Fiesta Bowl against Miami a few years ago was one of the biggest highlights in an otherwise dismal sports scene and in 3 years he has seen a fall from grace not seen since Lawrence Philips. At least now the coach of the Ohio State Penitentiary inmate football team should be happy, he could be getting a starting tailback pretty soon.

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