Best Laid Plans

It looks like the great plan envisioned by some on the right that involves getting back at Democrats for their successful attempt at keeping Tom Delay on the ballot has backfired.

It seems that these right-winger’s had thought that Delay would again win back his seat in the House because the Democrats, in their infinite wisdom, had gone to court to block the Texas GOP’s attempt to replace Delay’s name on the November ballot. Initially Delay’s campaign staffers had told Time Magazine that Delay would campaign vigorously for the seat if the Democrats won their court case.

Well yesterday the Democrats won their fight when the courts ruled that Delay’s name could not be replaced on the ballot, but instead of starting his re-election campaign in earnest, Delay announced that he would instead push for his supporters to vote for a write-in candidate instead and would push to have his name removed completely.

I guess he finally realized that fighting charges for money laundering would not be a good thing to have on his plate at the same time he was trying to win the House seat that he was forced to resign from because of those same legal troubles.
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