Has any statement that has ever come out of President Bush’s mouth been more ridiculous than what he said in a press conference yesterday in regards to a civil war in Iraq? (highlighting mine)

BUSH: My attitude is that a young democracy has been born quite quickly. And I think the Iraqi government has shown remarkable progress on the political front. And that is is that they developed a modern constitution that was ratified by the people and then 12 million people voted for a government.

Which gives me confidence about the future in Iraq, by the way. You know, I hear people say, Well, civil war this, civil war that. The Iraqi people decided against civil war when they went to the ballot box. And a unity government is working to respond to the will of the people. And, frankly, it’s quite a remarkable achievement on the political front.

And the security front is where there has been troubles. And it’s going to be up to the Maliki government, with U.S. help, to use the trained forces and eventually a trained police force to take care of those who are trying to foment sectarian violence.

So according to Bush, Iraq cannot be falling into a sectarian civil war because the people in Iraq didn’t vote for it! I didn’t know that was one of the options on the ballot, and come to think of it, I don’t think that was an option on the ballot in 1860 either, right before our civil war broke out.

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