Wide Brush Mentality

You really have to love this phenomenon called the blogosphere. Being very new to the fraternity and honestly somewhat naive in the ways of the political arena, one thing is quite apparent. Some bloggers on both sides of the political spectrum love to paint those with opposing views with the widest brush I have ever seen.

With every new subject that comes along, bloggers love to say that “liberals” oppose this because they are all this way or “conservatives” oppose that because they are all like this. I would like to be the first to thank these people for telling me who I am even though they have never met me, without their opinions how would I have ever known this?

Several issues in the news are perfect examples of this “wide brush mentality”. Currently here in South Dakota there are several controversial issues on the upcoming ballot including an abortion ban and an amendment that would change our state constitution to read that the state would only recognize a marriage as a union between a man and a women. No matter what your views on these subjects, those on the extremes have taken these issues to places you couldn’t imagine. A typical response to these issues can be seen by a post by one of our more controversial bloggers in a post he had today. His headline reads “Pedophilia and liberalism” and then he tries to make the argument that all liberals are immoral, and that they don’t think children should be protected.

And now I will state that the left does not think children should be protected, either before birth or after. To the left, to protect children is to inhibit the left’s freedom to immoral activites.

So i guess those of us that are not right-wing conservatives are all immoral and pedophiles because this blogger says so. Man where did he get that brush because I could sure use one, with it I could have my house painted in hours instead of days!

Another issue that seems to bring out the slurs is the current conflict between Hezbollah and Israel. Many conservatives have been all over this conflict, some giving almost minute by minute updates on what is going on over there. For the most part left-leaning blogs, while mentioning the conflict from time to time have pretty much stuck to other events going on and wouldn’t you know it some believe that because of the left’s penchant for “ignoring” the conflict they are all by association a bunch of pro-Hezbollah anti-semites and that they don’t post about this conflict enough in their view because the left is afraid that their anti-semitism might somehow be exposed. Again thank you for telling us what our views are.

Of course on many of these Israeli minute by minute update blogs, much of what has been happening to our own troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and the government’s policies that got us into these untenable situations have been ignored in favor of the Israeli conflict, so I guess by using their own logic they are all anti-US and pro-Al Qaeda but of course I am going to make that leap in logic because I have yet to be able to find out where these bloggers have gotten their brushes.

I applaud these bloggers convictions and willingness to spend hours and hours each day blogging about their views but wouldn’t it be nice if they left their opinions regarding someone else’s beliefs to something they can actually substantiate instead of saying because one person with a certain political ideology believes a certain way that everyone else must also. Just remember, that wide brush can be used on you as well.

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