The Murtha Attacks – Update

In an earlier post the question was raised as to if the only reason behind the defamation lawsuit against John Murtha was to protect marine Frank Wuterich’s reputation, why wasn’t outspoken critic and Wuterich detractor John Kline included in the lawsuit?

Glenn Greenwald asked this question to Wuterich’s lawyer, Mark Zaid, whose response was to say that he was unaware of any one else making disparaging (and in his mind defaming) comments against his client but that he would add any individual to the lawsuit that he discovered had engaged in such commentary. Greenwald then forwarded information to Zaid documenting comments made by Bush supporter, Republican John Kline and then publicly challenged him to prove that it wasn’t a politically motivated attack by adding Kline to the lawsuit.

In a post this morning Greenwald is reporting that Zaid has responded by sending a letter to Kline requesting that he publicly apologize for his comments and if he refuses, threatens to add him to the same defamation lawsuit that Murtha is now facing. This is the same opportunity that Zaid had given Murtha before filing the suit which seems to quel the theory that the legal tactic was politically motivated.
Now Zaid will have to work on the almost impossible task of proving his case especially considering his client is still facing possible charges resulting from the NCIS investigation of the Haditha massacre that could make defamation of character very hard to justify.
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