The GOP Plan Phase 2

The GOP succeeded last night in their plan of taking away a Democratic campaign issue when the Senate voted 56-42 in favor of sending the wage and tax bill to the floor for a vote. The final tally fell 4 votes short of the 60 required to allow the bill to be voted on mainly due to Democratic objections led by Harry Reid.

Republicans in the House had consistently opposed raising the minimum wage, that is until they attached the “Paris Hilton” tax cut to the bill right before the successful House vote last week and now they can use the Senate Democratic opposition to the bill because of that tax cut against them in the upcoming mid-term elections.

Of course Republicans wouldn’t have minded seeing the bill pass the Senate because it would have helped approximately 8,000 of their richest supporters but in this case it was still a win-win for them. They can claim they tried to pass a minimum wage hike which a majority of Americans wanted and tell their super rich supporters that it was the Democrats that prevented their tax cut. The Democrats on the other hand will now have to go back to their districts and try to explain why they voted against raising the minimum wage.

GOP mission accomplished.

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