Considering the fact that I am 2000 miles away from the train wreck that is the Connecticut Democratic Senate race between Joe Lieberman and Ned Lamont, it had been hard for me to form a credible opinion as to whom would best represent Connecticut and the Democratic Party. In theory you would think that the incumbent would have the upper hand but that is not the case

That difficulty is definitely not shared by many in the blogosphere with stories daily regarding the goings on in the race from both sides of the political spectrum. Photoshopped images of Lieberman in black face on Huffington (picture removed by request of Lamont campaign) and stories of Lieberman supporters disrupting Lamont campaign appearances make this one of the strangest primary races in a long time.

The latest polling shows Lamont stretching his lead over Lieberman to 13 points and if that holds true in the upcoming primary, Lieberman could be poised for a run as an independent and this is where my problems with Lieberman come into play.

Like I said earlier, I am not familiar enough with the candidate’s stand on most issues other than Lieberman’s voting record as an incumbent which lately has been bordering on Republican territory but his commitment, or lack thereof, to the Democratic party should be enough for the voters to take notice. To top it off, many on the far right have come out ripping Lamont which should also be a huge red flag for the voters in Connecticut.

Now if you take stock of what is going on including Lieberman’s questionable voting record and his threat to run as an independent if he loses in the primary, plus throw in the right’s hatred of Lamont, it is no wonder that the polls from the state have Lamont up by 13 points and climbing. Maybe it isn’t as hard for Democrats that are outside of Connecticut to support Lamont as I originally thought.

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