Can't Beat The Vacation

I have always wondered how I could snag one of those cushy jobs that seems to have unlimited vacation time. It seems every time I turn on Dan Patrick’s show on ESPN Radio he is on vacation, and Howard Stern works 4 days a week and takes weeks off at a time here and there but these people have it hard when compared with our President.

Bush left for the Texas White House earlier this week for a 10 day stint away from the office for his 49th trip to his ranch in Texas since taking office. The completion of this “vacation” will bring his total time away to almost 20 percent of his presidency to date and breaks the record of modern presidents set by Ronald Reagan and he still has 3 1/2 years left before he leaves office. Before anyone tries to lecture me that he does do some work during these trips, sure I concede that but lets look at the appearance of these vacations.

When America is dealing with conflicts and US deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq plus the out of control conflict in Lebanon and 20 percent of the time during these crisis’s they watch Bush walking around his Crawford ranch on TV, what do you think they see?

Appearance is reality to most, and that appearance has Bush setting the record for time off during a presidency. At least he is good at something.

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