Wacky Right’s Response To Congressional Poll

South Dakota Democrats racist?
Bruce Whalen is trailing Stephanie Herseth according to today’s Argus Leader. The reason? Democrats:
Herseth has 89 percent of registered Democrats’ votes, compared with 4 percent for Whalen;
Perhaps Bruce Whalen being a Native American has something to do with the 4% figure? When are the Native American going to wake up and realize that the Democrat Party only says they care about them. In reality, thy only want their vote.

This above is Sibby’s response to the KELO TV/Argus Leader poll that has incumbent democrat Stephanie Herseth leading challenger Bruce Whalen by 34 percent.
How about the 34 percent of Whalen’s own party or the 71 percent of Independents or the 59 percent of men and 61 percent of women that support Herseth? If you are going to speculate why not carry it all the way?
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