The Murtha Attacks

I don’t normally subscribe to conspiracy theories but the one that questions the motives of the defamation lawsuit brought forward against John Murtha this morning by Glenn Greenwald on the surface seems to contain a bit more facts than theories as to how it might be a political ploy to smear the outspoken critic of the war in Iraq.
Greenwald confronted the lawyer who filed the lawsuit, Mark Zaid, last night and asked him why others whom had said similar and even more damning comments about his client, marine Frank Wuterich, including Bush apologist and fellow Republican John Kline had not been included in the suit. Zaid then said that he was unaware that anyone else had made similar disparaging comments and that he would be happy to add other defendants if needed.
This morning Greenwald forwarded to Zaid numerous media reports documenting Kline’s comments and even threw in a link to a Michelle Malkin post ripping Kline. It will be interesting to see if in fact Zaid amends his lawsuit to include Kline or if as Greenwald contends, this is all just a political maneuver to strike back against Murtha.
Can the “Sock Puppet” references from the right winger’s be far behind?
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