Mel Gibson

I have stayed out of the Mel Gibson defense/bashing business for several reasons, one I don’t care what the entertainment types say when it comes to politics, religion or current events and give their opinions no more credibility than anyone else, and two, I could care less. So when famous entertainment types make fools of themselves, I usually let the late night TV guys take over and laugh along with everyone else.

Now some have tried to make the argument that because of Gibson’s movie “The Passion of the Christ” that he is some kind of anti-semite, or some kind of spokesman for the right, or whatever cause that they want to use his fame to forward and what normally happens when you try to use a celebrity as the face of your agenda, you find out they are just as flawed as everyone else. Gibson and just about everyone else in Hollywood is in the business of story telling for money, and if you decide to use their movies as a basis for your beliefs than you are setting yourself up for a huge disappointment.

If his comments make you not want to watch his movies than that is your choice, personally I haven’t seen a Mel Gibson movie in a long time, not because of his personal beliefs, but because many in my opinion haven’t been worth watching.

In Gibson’s case thought at least he is trying to atone for his mistakes. Humorist Andy Borowitz pokes fun at Gibson today:

In his boldest bid yet to apologize to the Jewish community, actor Mel Gibson today announced that he had converted to Judaism.

Moments after his conversion to Judaism, Mr. Gibson paid a visit to the registrar’s office in Los Angeles County and had his name legally changed to “Mel Gibstein” in a show of commitment to his new chosen faith.

After all folks, this is Hollywood…

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