Delay To Stay On The Ballot

A federal appeals court has refused Texas Republican’s attempt to replace Tom Delay’s name on Novembers ballot with another GOP candidate.

The Democrats had sued to keep Delay’s name on the ballot even though he had since moved to Virginia in an attempt to give them a better shot at winning the seat that he had recently resigned from over money laundering and conspiracy charges.

Delay representatives had said as recently as a few weeks ago that if he is on the ballot that he would aggressively campaign to retake his seat.

A source close to the ex-Congressman tells TIME that DeLay is planning an aggressive campaign to retake the House seat he quit in June if an appeals court lets stand a ruling by a federal judge last week that his name must stay on November’s ballot–even though he has moved to Virginia. “If it isn’t overturned, Katy bar the door!” says a G.O.P. official.

Right wing blogs are already on the Delay bandwagon predicting a Delay win throwing the Democratic tactic back in their faces. I question their wisdom in wishing to have Delay voted back into office considering the charges he is facing and I would also question the wisdom of Texas voters if they re-elected him but as is the case in politics, anything is possible.

I have just a two word reminder for those wanting to see Delay re-elected, James Traficant.

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