Bush Protecting Life Unless Big Business Is Involved

Bush’s beliefs on the rights of unborn children are well documented. His views on abortion are well known and his one and only veto to this point in his presidency was due to his belief in protecting life when he axed the Stem Cell bill last month.

Of course his concern for the sanctity of the lives of those already born is debatable but now it seems his concerns over the unborn only goes so far, if big business is involved it doesn’t seem to be as important.

A story in today’s New York Times details how the EPA is bending to political pressure by allowing toxic chemicals to be used in pesticides.

Leaders of several federal employee unions say the chemicals pose serious risks for fetuses, pregnant women, young children and the elderly through food and exposure and should not be approved by Thursday, the Congressional deadline for completing an agency review of thousands of substances in pesticides.

The leaders also wrote that they believed that under priorities of E.P.A. management, “the concerns of agriculture and the pesticide industry come before our responsibility to protect the health of our nation’s citizens.”

I guess pandering to his base not only involves the religious right but big business and the agriculture lobby as well.

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