Media Bias Sibby Style

Steve Sibson, our local South Dakota far right (and I mean as about as far right as it gets) conservative blogger wrote a “piece” today on what he calls media bias in regards to a poll conducted on the referendum to overturn South Dakota’s abortion ban.

At the top of today’s front-page of the Argus Leader is the headline “Most oppose abortion ban” and a sub-headline, “But survey shows more would support it with rape exceptions”. I could not find the report on the Argus Leader web site.

First most according to the Argus Leader is only 47%. The headline is an outright lie designed to mislead. The sub-headline is an example of who the poll and the report is used by the drive-by media to promote the far-left’s position that the lack of rape and incest exceptions means we should continue to allow abortion by demand.

Sibby contends that for some reason 47 percent somehow doesn’t correspond to “most” and is a purposefully misleading headline. Now last time I checked, most means more than other choices and in this case the choices were 47 percent wanting the ban overturned versus 39 percent that want it upheld. Sound like most to me.

Now for those unfamiliar with the South Dakota media, the Sioux Falls Argus leader has the reputation, sometimes deservedly so, for being somewhat sloppy in it’s reporting to the point that some consider it biased. Sibby uses this reputation to back up his point but he conveniently left out one major part of this story, the part concerning the fact that it was co-sponsored by KELO TV (the link to the poll he said he couldn’t find in the Argus article), by far the largest TV station in the state and as far as I know, a very well respected news outlet.

Admittedly the poll in question was conducted very early in the election cycle with 3 month’s to go before the voters actually decide the issue which means there is still a lot
of time and campaigning to come from both sides so of course these results could change by November. This is just another example of the penchant of many [sibby] to automatically bring out the “bias” card in regards to the media when they report something that doesn’t reflect your beliefs is a common tactic for those on the extremes.

In this case though maybe it would have been more believable if the so called “lie” you are calling out was actually backed up by real facts as at least when I was going to school, 47 was more than 39, maybe it is that new conservative math..

UPDATE: The same Argus Leader/KELO TV polling just released today shows Republican Governor Mike Rounds ahead of Democratic challenger Jack Billion 56 percent to 27 percent. More of that that liberal media bias?

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