Democrats Getting The Message

A major complaint regarding the Democratic leadership has been that they haven’t really come out and taken a stand on issues. At least on one issue that could be changing as democrats in Washington have finally decided to take a united stand on the occupation in Iraq.

12 top democrats including Nancy Pelosi, John Murtha and Harry Reid have united to call on President Bush to pull out the majority of our troops by the end of the year.

“This offers a pretty clear contrast” for the next few months, the strategist said, and Reid and others plan a series of events to drive home the point. Polling data and focus groups suggest that Democratic candidates can embrace the letter’s message without falling victim to familiar Republican claims of being soft on national security, the strategist said, because setbacks in Iraq have eroded the GOP’s traditional advantage on that issue.

So now at least on this one issue voters will have something to choose between, “stay the course” as the Republicans are calling for or let the Iraqi’s take over their own country.

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