Monday, November 14, 2016

The Journey Continues?

It's been awhile and many things have changed since the last time I efforted here. I have since put Ohio in my rear view mirror and changed my address to the land of milk and cheeseheads. While my address has changed for the better I believe , the political climate of the country has gotten so much worse.

The just completed election was filled with so much vitriol, lies, shouting and just unabashed uncivilized behavior, one would have to wonder if our form of governance has a future. Before this cycle, if we had observed such behavior in elections being held in some 3rd world country, we would have likely questioned its legitimacy calling for changes to more closely match our form of choosing leadership. Based on our behavior this time around, I feel we have proven that we have no right to dictate to others on how they should elect a dog catcher, let alone a leader of a country.

So now what? We just went through an election were both parties put forth a candidate that the majority didn't trust, like, or think should become the leader of the free world. We now have what effectively has become a 1 party rule for at least the next 2 years led by someone that lost the popular vote and whom during the election did everything he could to delegitimize women, minorities, and just about every other group that doesn't include middle aged white men.

Don't get me wrong, I honestly believe that no matter who won this election, the next 4 years were going to be a challenge for all but the top 1% of our country. The difference is that if Clinton had won, we would have known going in that things weren't going to change. Now that the impossible has happened and Donald Trump has been elected, one can only assume based off of his promises to help the middle class, everyone needs to hold their elected officials to their promises especially now that they believe that the poster boy for the 1 percenters, Trump, is somehow in their corner.

My goal here in coming back is to do just that. I hope as much as anyone that Donald Trump is successful during his run as our president. I truly want him to succeed despite my belief that he will plunge us into a low period unlike what most of us have seen during our lifetimes. I will be the first in line to congratulate him if he proves me wrong.

Another issue that has become apparent during this election is that the media, both mainstream and otherwise has dropped to a level of biased ineptitude the likes of which I could have never imagined. It's been a race to the bottom that has reached its peak becoming impossible to tell fact from fiction anymore.

Election season has moved from being a time where the media informs the public of the issues and the candidates stands on those issues to a time that station/network owners grab as much of the political advertising dollars as they can by ensuring that they do nothing to piss off any candidate in a way that would prevent them from sending ad dollars their way. I have been a voter for 9 presidential elections and have never seen so many ads, especially during local news and programming. How can we believe anything these networks say when they are so beholden to the politicians and their ad dollars?

What I hope to do with this space is to write about the fall of our media as well as to try and document as many of our elected officials promises and then track the progress on their attempts if any to fulfill those promises. In theory Trump should have an easier time getting his agenda passed given the makeup of Congress for the next 2 years but somehow I doubt that things will be any different. We'll see...

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