Friday, August 5, 2011

Eating Their Own

District 25 voters should really head over to the Dakota War College to see our (I live in district 25) illustrious homophobic/"I am patriotic and you're not" State Rep Stace Nelson's war of words with some of the more prominent Republican commentator's before the DWC possibly whitewashes it. It is really a sight to behold.

I especially enjoyed Rep Nelson's ripping of career politicians all while announcing he will be seeking another term by spamming the comment section of DWC with his donation page link. Really looking forward to another election where I again do not vote for him only this time let's hope more of our district's voters follow suit.


  1. Your the best press a Conservative could ask for.  Thanks Bob!

  2. My pleasure Stace, I'll let you know when my Vote for anyone but Stace" campaign kicks off here in Canistota

  3. Throw your hat in the ring Bob, I am always up for a good public debate.   

  4. Putting aside the fact that my employer would never allow me the time off needed to serve, I am smart enough to realize that a liberal atheist has absolutely no chance of winning in our district (or likely anywhere in SD for that matter). 

    My only hope and what I will do my best to make happen is to have the person on the ballot who is as far away from you politically, no matter what their party affiliation, end up representing us in Pierre.I didn't do so last time and even though I didn't vote for you, I feel partly responsible for your winning because of my indifference. I promise to try harder this time


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