Sunday, January 23, 2011

Even Michele Bachman Beats Thune

For all those holding out hope for a John Thune White House, a newly released New Hampshire straw poll should make you pause and wake up from your dream.

As expected, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney won with 35-percent of the vote. He was followed by Texas Congressman Ron Paul with 11-percent.

Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty came in third with 8-percent, followed by former vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin with 7-percent.

Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachman was fifth with 5-percent.

Thune tied with U-S Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman, Jr. with zero-percent.

0 percent, really?


  1. Good eye.

    ip left a poisoned-quill assessment of this poll at Blogmore, too. Batshitmann is clearly running for Veep and with Minnesota moving to the right and phantasmagorically becoming a swing state, there is some psychotic calculus to her madnesses.

  2. [...] Politically, things supposedly got underway in Pierre with big cuts, the budget and dog food being the theme of Daugaard’s first weeks in office. At least we won’t have enough money to give our teachers guns. The word crackerbarrel was finally used in a blog post subject and Thune was a loser. [...]

  3. [...] make it out of the first couple of primaries. CPAC polling as well as the latest New Hampshire straw poll had Thune listed so low that he was all but a footnote not even rising to crazy wingnut Michelle [...]


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