Monday, July 12, 2010

How's That Whole Tea Party Thing Working For You?

Tea Partier's like to tout as one of their successes, the victory of Republican Scott Brown in the race to fill Ted Kennedy's seat in Massachusetts. So I am wondering how they feel today after learning that Brown has agreed to be one of so far only 2 Republican's to agree to vote for the Democrat's financial regulatory reform legislation?
Republican Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts says he will support a sweeping financial regulatory bill, moving the bill closer to the 60 votes it needs to ultimately win final approval.

Brown joins Sen. Susan Collins of Maine as two crucial Republican votes for the legislation.

Maybe Democrats should back tea party candidates after all...

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  1. O! If only we'd listened to conspiracy theorist (and Const. Party Sec. State candidate Lori Stacey), we'd have known Scott Brown wasn't a real conservative.

    Hee hee!


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