Wednesday, August 26, 2009

No Heath Care Reform For You!

Taking a thought from Seinfeld's "Soup Nazi", South Dakota's version of that character, John (no Democrat authored reforms for you!) Thune, has finally come out and said what we pretty much knew from the beginning. Comprehensive health care reform will happen over the GOP's dead body.
In a conference call with reporters, Thune argued that an incremental approach to health care reform is "the only way to end up with a bipartisan bill." But he warned the greatest hurdle to such a solution could end up being Republicans' unwillingness to trust Democratic leaders to not use the conference process to rewrite a rifle-shot bill into a fully comprehensive bill.

Ted Kennedy's death, the Democrat's missing spine disorder, and the GOP's puppet masters otherwise known as the health insurance industry have all but signaled that comprehensive health reform is itself on the verge of being taken off of life support unless the Democrats grow a pair and kick this time wasting bipartisan crap. (who won the election anyhow?)

Considering the Democrats' unwillingness to pursue torture crimes and 4th Amendment violations committed under the previous watch, I am not holding my breath so please excuse me while I look to get a second mortgage to pay for next years health insurance premiums and excuse Thune while he looks to spend the $1,206,176 he reportedly received from the health care industry...


  1. Forgive me, after reading your about page it has become clear to me that you do not align yourself with the Democratic party. Nevertheless, Tom Daschle is one of the leaders of the current health reform legislation that Thune is fighting against and so he represents what you stand for in this case.

    Also, you should fix the typo in the title of this post if you can :-).

  2. Several problems with your comment P. Chirry.
    1. Daschle is no longer an elected official from the state of South Dakota, Thune is.
    2. Daschle has no vote in any legislation that might actually make it that far, Thune does so any contributions from the industry are relevant.


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