Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jon Stewart Takes On The Death Panel Propaganda Originator

Jon Stewart discusses "death panels" with Betsy McCaughey, the woman responsible for putting that imaginary idea into Sarah Palin's mind.

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  1. McCaughey comes across as mostly show and no substance. If I have made an argument that hinges on page 432 of a big document, and if I make a show of walking into a debate with that big document under my arm, I make darn sure I can flip right to that page to answer questions about my argument. Or maybe I walk in with page 432 on top of the stack so I can read it immediately verbatim when challenged. Instead, she wastes time flipping through apparently unmarked, out-of-order pages, failing to answer the question each time pressed, and leaves it to her opponent to finally take the page and read the actual complete text in question. On performance points alone, McCaughey blows her chance to look sharp and press the point home.

  2. Come on Cory, surely you know there is no hypocrisy going on as part of the heath care debate...


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