Friday, August 22, 2008

So Who's The Elitist?

Day 2 of housegate and the question remains, who is really the elitist again?
McCain, who huddled with advisors at his desert compound in Sedona, Ariz., said nothing in public. A nine-car motorcade took him to a nearby Starbucks early in the morning, where he ordered a large cappuccino. McCain otherwise avoided reporters. (emphasis mine)

At least somebody can still afford Starbucks these days...

UPDATE: Some hopefully more obvious McCain humor in honor of commentator GoMcCain

From Huffington:
If you can't count how many homes you have, you might be a rich guy.

If you think it takes $5 million a year to be rich, you might be a rich guy.

If you think some people "are poor if they're billionaires," you might be a rich guy.

If you have a fireplace next to the outdoor spa in one of your mansions, you might be a rich guy.

If your plan to cut taxes on the wealthy would save your family $373,429 a year, you might be a rich guy.

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