Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sweeping Away Global Warming

mega maidI saw this headline in the LA Times, "Solving global warming with giant vacuums", and the classic movie "Spaceballs" immediately came to mind. Who could forget Rick Moranis as "Lord Dark Helmet" ordering Mega Maid to suck all the air from the atmosphere of Druidia? Suck, Suck, Suck....

Seriously, the story documents a Columbia University professor's solution to global warming: Vacuuming the CO2 out of the atmosphere with 67 million boxcar sized filters placed strategically throughout the world all powered by bunches of nuclear power plants. All this efficiency at the bargain basement price of an estimated few trillion dollars a year.

Is it any wonder that those of us that believe at least somewhat in the global warming phenomenon have such a hard time touting the science behind it when we have scientists like this guy on our side?

May the Schwartz be with you...

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