Monday, January 14, 2008

Sometimes You Gotta Say Hmm...

Heath Care PlanNPR has a story regarding the heath care plans in use by the various candidates as well as whether or not they offer health insurance to their campaign staff. Ignoring the Republicans, as heath care isn't one of their strong suits though it will be interesting to see if Giuliani continues to provide his workers with insurance considering many on his staff are getting paid this month, one Democratic candidate sticks out.

Of the 4 Democrats listed 3 personally have the Federal Employee Health Benefits Plan because of their positions in Congress and the 4th, John Edwards has insurance through his campaign. What I find ironic though is that while all 4 advocate some kind of universal health coverage as part of their platform, the one that often yells the loudest in favor of the need for a universal plan, Dennis Kucinich, is the only one that doesn't offer any coverage at all to his campaign staff.

So is health care only important when and if it is on the government dime Dennis? Just wondering.

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