Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Now Here's An Idea

Not much time today because of work requirements but there is an Op-Ed in the Argus that explains another recourse for those that believe Roger Hunt's secret donor debacle was wrong.
Even if the judge was correct in ruling that Hunt broke no laws, the people do have recourse. Hunt has broken an unspoken agreement. He has transgressed our state's expectations of openness. South Dakota is not Sicily, and it is not Malaysia. We don't put up with that sort of thing.

Voters in Hunt's district should let him know by voting against him next time. Everyone else in the state should loudly complain and not let him forget it until he is out of office. No matter how just Hunt feels his campaign is, the means do not justify the end. We live in an open society that respects the rule of law and flourishes because of the interaction between the two. Let's not forget it.
So simple but so correct and it doesn't include Larry Long, Chris Nelson, nor would it cost one penny in tax dollars...

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