Tuesday, March 6, 2007

This Is Who We Have Piloting Our Airplanes?

9/11 conspiracies are nothing new especially in the fringe but the latest conspiracy theory is really out there and to top it off it's coming from someone that is tasked with our safety in the skies.

Field McConnell is convinced the 9/11 terrorist attacks are being covered up. The Northwest Airlines pilot from rural Glyndon, Minn., said a second attack is imminent and conspirators already have aborted their plan once this year. Those beliefs prompted him to begin writing for a Web site where like-minded people gather and to file a lawsuit รข€¦

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Saturday, March 3, 2007

When Will National Conservatives Learn

Diarrhea of the mouth is nothing new to ultra wing-nut pundit Ann Coulter. She seems to thrive on spewing garbage and then profiting off the results. What continues to amaze me is why the Conservative wing of the GOP continues to allow her to speak on their behalf.

Coulter's latest escapade occurred late last week at the American Conservative Union's Political Action Conference. Coulter decided to take a pot shot at Democratic Candidate for President John Edwards during her speech. Political pot shots are nothing new but Ms. Coulter brings it to new levels and this time was no exception when she backhandedly called Edwards a "fagot".

Maybe one day the GOP will decide to distance themselves from this hateful woman but apparently that time hasn't come yet. Edwards' campaign site has the video.

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