Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Powerline At It Again

What do you do if you are a very popular right-wing blog and you want to make a democrat look bad? You do what John Hinderaker did yesterday. Our friendly neighborhood Minnesota lawyer via Watertown, SD posted a clip and quote from John Dingle of Michigan that conveniently cut off the audio at a point that insinuated that Dingle was pro Hezbollah.
Yesterday, Representative John Dingell of Michigan appeared on a Detroit television program along with Republican Candice Miller. They discussed the crisis in Lebanon; Dingell proclaimed himself neutral. "I don't take sides for or against Hezbollah; I don't take sides for or against Israel." Asked, "You're not against Hezbollah?" Dingell answers, "No..."

But thanks to the folks at Think Progress we can see the whole quote.
Q: You’re not against Hezbollah?

DINGELL: No, I happen to be — I happen to be against violence, I think the United States has to bring resolution to this matter. Now, I condemn Hezbollah as does everybody else, for the violence.

Using some of them law school tricks Mr. Hinderaker?
(h/t - esoterically.net)

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